“Slack Tide has contributed an eclectic presence to the New England jam scene.”

– Courtesy of Relix Magazine

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“From Bean Town to the Granite State, Slack Tide is making waves.”

– Courtesy of YAARG Entertainment – Read the full article here…

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“Combining musical styles ranging from reggae and ska to hard rock and blues, the band has entertained audiences from Manhattan NY to Portland ME and everywhere in between. Putting a new twist on the old “jam band” structure, Slack Tide delivers a high energy good time performance that is never the same twice, meaning you won’t want to miss out on a single show.”

– Courtesy of Mergence Entertainment Group

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“The jam band classification typically denotes a freewheeling musical spirit, plus a fondness for open-ended exploration. For Slack Tide, however, this attitude helped build the group.”

– Courtesy of Hippo Press – Read the full article here…

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“Slack Tide, a band that identifies strongly with the East Coast, displays a universal understanding of music, its functions, and its possibilities…(the band) has released music as ever-changing as New England weather.”

– Courtesy of Five Cent Sound Reviews – Read the full article here…

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“(Slack Tide has) found what Cyrus called the “slack tide” between rock and reggae, the band’s name referring to when the ocean is between high and low tide and the waters are calm.”

– Courtesy of Seacoast Online – Read the full article here…

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“Slack Tide is one of the hardest working bands in terms of live performance.”

– Courtesy of It’s Not Records – Read the full article here…