Alive (Unreleased, Cyrus 2018)

You know you caught my eye. You knew what you were doing when you danced on by. Let’s see you shake those hips under my red lights.

So if I were to step down from the stage and join the crowd and ask you to come home with me tonight, could I make you feel?


.   .   .

All You Need (All You Need [Single], Cyrus 2016)

I met a friend of mine I knew from long ago and I asked him how he’d been. He said that he was just packing up his things, time to give up on the American dream. He said “come on in and make yourself at home. Can I get you a drink? The feeling on the streets is giving me the creeps. It seems a drink is one thing we all need. But still I wonder if that’s all. So I wander until another prophet comes along.”

I met a rambler down the road some time ago and I asked him where he’d been. He said that he did not quite know but he told me what he’d seen. He said that he had been all around the globe and he’d seen some better things. I said “man, I never left home because that is all I’ll need.” But still I wonder if that’s all. So I wander until another prophet comes along.

I met a man who said he’d be the next president. You know I said “what will you do for me?”  He said “I’ll do anything that you want me to and that’s a guarantee.” I said “I’m sorry sir but my vote is for the members of the other company,” and he said “that’s alright, I’m still going to win, and when I do you’ll be nothing to me.” But still I wonder if that’s all. So we holler until another prophet comes here.

.   .   .

Barefoot Professor (Water Monkey, Cyrus 2015)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, how you feelin’ tonight? We are the rock and roll band and our plan is to land a good time. Now watch out folks. The Further’s parked right outside so let’s go for a drive. The Barefoot Professor’s gassin’ up for the ride.

Don’t you love that sound? Did you hear what she said? She said she’s from out of town and never heard of a Sea Rat Red.

We’re singing la da la da da, time to make these people move, swingin’ to a sea side groove. I’m singing la da la da da, baby after the show I’ve got nothing to do. What kind of trouble could we get into?

Packed up the band van, man oh man, we made it right on time. When the bass line drops I hope that you loose your minds. Doors are at seven, we play at nine. We’ll get ’em dancing in the street. Oh you know the people cannot stop their two steppin’ feet.

Hey now pretty mama won’t you come sit by me becuase I’ll play the guitar for any song you want to sing. Baby let your hair grow long and come live with me by the sea. Your hour glass is out of sand? There’s plenty at the beach because inland is missing something it needs. You can’t catch a wave on the streets today if you know what I mean. So baby let your hair grow long and come live with me by the sea. Your hour glass is out of sand but there’s plenty at the beach.

.   .   .

Burnin’ Down The Road (Water Monkey, Cyrus 2016)

I will keep on playing this game ‘till I go on home again. Sleeping on the floor, playing in the band. One thing is for sure, nothing goes as planned.

So we keep on burning down the road while the traffic lights get a little foggy in my window. So I open up and slow down, throw the roach and pull up. I think the traffic cop is looking at me strangely. This is the only thing I know so push that peddle to floor. Let’s see where we can go, burnin’ down the road.

Sixty five’s too slow, ninety’s more my speed. Something’s going down on that Old Shakedown Street. Going back on tour, playing for the fans. One thing is for sure, nothing stays the same.

If you look in my head you’ll find out I’m not there because I’m burnin’ down the road.

.   .   .

Dance (Like We Used To) (The Trio Sessions – EP, Cyrus 2018)

It happens all the time. I say I love you and the lady says, “You’re lucky just to wait in line.” But you’re at my show tonight and your new boyfriend is nowhere in sight. So if the wine gets to my head please forgive me if I say something I regret.

I’ve been drinking and I’ve been thinking more than I like to do. If you let me then I bet we can dance like we used to.

Nothing good is ever right. Sometimes the simplest things they don’t happen overnight. But your body feels so nice when its all wrapped up in mine. So if the wine gets to my head please forgive me if I say something I regret.

.   .   .

El Ganjo (The Trio Sessions – EP, Cyrus 2015)

You can’t go back to El Ganjo. The police there are looking for you. They want to put you in jail for the rest of your life, so you’re on the run tonight.

What kind of business would you like to do? ‘Cause I’ve got quite the proposition for you. The first one’s on me, the next isn’t free. I hope that’s alright. It won’t cost you much my friend, it just might cost your life. I know that you won’t mind.

Welcome back to El Ganjo. We knew you’d come back becuase you always do. Did you hear that the police are near at tracking you down? So you can’t stay long in town.

What kind of mind, girl, would you like to use? I know where we could go where we’ve got nothing to loose. It’s a sanctuary down in the cove of the rocky shore. A place that many lost souls call home, I’m talkin’ about El Ganjo. Won’t you like to go?

.   .   .

Fire In A Storm (Water Monkey, Cyrus 2016)

She’s gone now, don’t you know she left me high and dry, halfway through the hallway and halfway through the night. I’d love to stay and fight it although I never have won ‘cause when you know the half of it man it’s not half as much fun.

She said she couldn’t take it had to get out of town. A couple days on down the road she turned that car around. Now I don’t deny a devilish disguise just for some love. Honey, I ain’t down for another go ’round. This hangover has just begun.

So please don’t loose your pretty head when it all kicks in. The history can show that we are like fire in a storm and I’m not waiting on this ship to sink. I’m not waiting anymore, I’ve seen your face before. I’m not waiting anymore, time to sail this ship to shore.

Number two with number three then we forgot number four. We’re sitting on the ceiling and we’re staring at the floor and I’m thinking back to a lesson that I learned: Beware the Beast cause She’s a pretty young thing. Those were the wiser man’s last words.

She grabbed my hand and said she’d made a mistake then she claimed that nothing was the same then she started taking all the blame. I said it’s strange to face the same fate that I had once before so I’ll take the high road, you take the low, it’s a highway to the front door.

.   .   .

The Good Girls & The Heroes (Live In Harlem, Cyrus 2016)

People don’t change, you just learn a little more than you want to. And if I seem a little strange it’s okay. I’ve just seen too much.

Where are the muses? They’ve all died away and the poets are all gone so I find all my inspiration from the substances, circumstances always dancing around the point. Believe me or not when I say that it’s over.

People don’t change, they just grow a little older and I know Romeo would’ve learned to let her go and so say “I’ve just lived too long.”

Where are my Good Girls? They’ve all run away and the lovers are long gone so I find solace under covers with cheap romances and pointless glances that never seem to lead to joy. Believe me or not when I say that it’s over.

The music on the street has all got the same beat and this tune is no different. Feel free to sing along. The words are empty but they fill the song.

The world doesn’t change. It just spins a little slower so stand tall. I know it seems a little strange but it’s normal. There’s no control at all.

Where are the Heroes? They’ve all locked themselves away. Some think to get high you’ve got to let another fall but I find revival in my music from the bad chances and pipe dreams landing on a not so steady course. Believe me or not when I say that it’s over.

.   .   .

Haningin’ On You (Water Monkey, McFarland 2015)

Spinning like a top. Entertain us your show. If the world keeps spinning I’m going to have to let go,

Hanging on you.

Keep on talking until you feel and if the world reels head tell it you can’t feel me,

Hanging on you.

.   .   .

The Line (Water Monkey, Cyrus 2016)

Walking down the wrong side of the line. The sun is coming up and I admit I’m a little drunk. That was one hell of a night. Cruising up I-95. I caught a ride back home. Good Old New Hampshire, I love you so. You ready for a crazy night?

Then maybe in the morning I’ll be smarter than I was the night before. But until then I don’t know of any reason why I should go under control.

Throw me, won’t you please throw me the line? I gotta keep my head above water but the swimming is getting harder and harder I find ‘cause that was one hell of a night. Watch out for when the sharks come out to bite. Got no cash to feed their appetites so just say my friends if it’s alright, let’s have us a crazy night.

.   .   .

Love Song (For A Confused Generation) (Live In Harlem, Cyrus 2017)

Sometimes I feel bad for my lungs. They take more beatings than they deserve. Girls and power, pills and powder, still can’t find what I’m looking for through God’s greedy earth. But still I see the light, the music that we’re making here tonight because I found you.

Sometimes I feel bad for the ground. It never stood a chance. Fear and streetlights, beer and hash pipes, people never really want to change at your expense. But still I see the light, the music that we’re making here tonight because I found you.

Sometimes I feel bad for my brothers and sisters getting kicked out in the cold when those who have risen to a higher power are on the wrong side of the wall. But still I see the light, the music that we’re making here tonight because I found you.

.   .   .

Lucy (Water Monkey, Cyrus 2016)

Lucy, the world is slow. Rippling colors that we don’t know. Lucy, let’s go. You can make this my kind of show.

We used to sing about Jack and Ginger for a while then I moved out of Maine had to drop out of style. But who knows, if Rock n Roll don’t work I can always go back.

Lucy, never seemed a shame that your sister Mary never met Jane. Lucy, steer my brain. The faces in the trees are whispering softly down to me that I’m still sane.

We used to watch the buildings twisting turning for a while then I grew up too fast, have to flashback to smile. But who knows, if I can write a hit we can trip one more time.

Lucy, you make the music fly. All I need’s a stage and darkened faces for the band to get me high. Lucy, got my eye to the sky and one foot stuck in the past and one hand stuck in a trap but I don’t mind.

We used to sing about Jack and Ginger for a while then I moved out of Maine had to drop out of style. Who knows if I can catch the drift we can find our way back.

.   .   .

Monday Morning Blues (Water Monkey, Cyrus 2016)

My head it feels like a balloon as I open my eyes. The sun is intruding into my room becuase I broke my blinds. Got nowhere to go now, nothing to do but lay around all day and have another drink to the Monday Morning Blues.

I drink my coffee as Sam smokes a cigarette and Jake takes a nap. The dog ate my homework and shit on my bed, now I’m late for class. Got somewhere to go now, can’t remember what to do. Screw it man, I’ll lay around and have another one to the Monday Morning Blues.

I lay on the floor as I hold my head then I say, as oft times before, that I’ll never drink again. I don’t mind the money. I don’t mind the wasted time. I just mind when I wake up outside and I don’t know why

‘Cause the last thing I remember, my buddy began to pour out a bottle of something. I asked what is that, and he said “I don’t know.”

Where is my wallet and who put my shoes in the microwave? The place is a mess, it’s a wreck, I confess that it always looks this way. Got nowhere to go now, nothing to do but lay around all day and have another drink to the Monday Morning Blues.

Bartender, please, another round on me to the Monday Morning Blues.

.   .   .

My Baby’s Best Friend’s Gun (Live In Harlem, Cyrus 2017)

Opened up my eyes to a sight I never thought I’d see, my baby on the bed, both feet on either side of me. My phone’s in one hand and the screens unlocked, revolver in the other and that shit was cocked.

She said “I love you baby but I know what you done.” I said if you love me you’d give me a head start to run. By the way baby where’d you get that gun?

I never meant to hurt you since you were never meant to know. Now I’m in trouble and I see that trigger finger pulling slow.

Staring down the barrel of my baby’s best friend’s gun. Counting down from ten, I got to get my ass on the run. Staring down the barrel of my baby’s best friend’s gun. She said “if you want to get going then I’ll get you gone.”

You know that I love you, what more can I say? I don’t want to argue, I just want to pray. If I make it to see another day then you’ll never ever see my face again.

If I could only explain my dear it appears I’ve been framed. Maybe she’d buy my bullshit or maybe I’d bite that bullet.

.   .   .

Start It Over Again (Unreleased, Cyrus 2018)

It’s impressing that you passed the listen when you never studied anyway. So keep on guessing while your life’s reflecting all the bad mistakes that you have made. Go on, quit your job and hop into your car and drive it ’till the engine breaks. Make some money, find someone for loving, and just start it over again.

I bet I know how it will end, the same old way that it did way back when. Sounds like a new song but the singer’s the same. So sing along and start it over again.

It’s impressing how you keep inventing happy people to portray. Poor excuses are abused or useless, all depends on how it gets said. Go on, quit your job and hop into your car and drive it to your favorite place. Once you’re there then you can cut your hair and you can start it over again.

Go on, quit your job and hop into your car and drive it some place real far away. If you’re lucky you might meet somebody who might dig what you’ve got to say.

.   .   .

I Want You To Know (Water Monkey, Cyrus 2015)

Every band today sounds the same. If you’ve got some cash then you’re a star. So I’ll try my hand at this game. Another half baked, half crazy dreamer who can play guitar.

I want you to know,

We had a gig last Friday night. We played for our lives under a hot stage light. The bass was thumpin’ and the groove was bumpin’ and the people danced. We played the last chord, the crowd shouted encore, but my parents are still my biggest fans.

I want you to know my name.

.   .   .

Water Monkey (Water Monkey, McFarland 2016)

Threads hanging from my sleeves. Hannah shares the love from the Water Monkey. Feeling so high on a fleeting ride, gone with the wind then come back for slack tide. Loose fingers pick locks. Feeling good on every block.

Seeds couldn’t plant in any other town, seems the only way you’ll ever come around.

Loose lips sink ships, feeling good on the sides of both hips.