This Saturday night the Tide will be hosting a big old JAM down at Maverick in East Boston. If you’ve followed the band around then you know the place, it’s a longtime favorite of ours. Bring instruments, noise makers, anything that produces sound and come jam with us from around 8-10pm. https://www.facebook.com/events/394413050906342/

ALSO if you haven’t already PLEASE vote for Slack Tide to go to the Worm Town and Strange Creek Battle of the Bands for our chance to perform in local New England music festivals for bigger crowds on bigger stages. We need your help, each and every one of you, to achieve this goal. Every click is appreciated. http://strangecreekcampout.com/2017-Battle-Registry/



The band is very excited to announce the release of our debut album “Water Monkey” on December 12th but we need your support to manufacture, promote, and tour with the new record. Like us on Facebook (hit the button on the right), follow us on Instagram (also on the right), or donate to the project if you can (click the link directly below). Help us make some big waves this holiday season!!