“Slack Tide has contributed an eclectic presence to the New England jam scene.” – Relix Magazine

“Slack Tide is one of the hardest working bands in terms of live performance.” – Its Not Records

Heavily inspired by the Grateful Dead, Phish, and the 90’s ska movement, the Tide twists a signature sound as ever changing as the New England weather.

The band began in late 2015 while founder Chris Cyrus attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. The group was formed as a vehicle to experiment with improvisation and blending uncommon genres. The Tide quickly became popular in the city’s basement scene and shifted gears to refine their sound.

Post college, Cyrus moved back to his homestate of New Hampshire and brought the Slack Tide sound with him to new audiences, especially at Newmarket’s Stone Church where the Tide was granted the freedom to continue their experimentation and developed significant factors of their live performances. This led to beginning a presence in the music festival scene.

From dingy dorm rooms to festival main stages and everything in between, the Tide is rising fast.



  • 2/27 First official performance occurs in Somerville MA
  • 5/12 First multi-state tour begins, stretching ME to NJ
  • 12/12 First official recording, Water Monkey, is released


  • 6/16 First music festival performance occurs at Ziontific 7
  • 8/23 First Battle Of The Bands victory
  • 8/25 Second Battle Of The Bands victory
  • 11/12 Top Instrumental Performance awarded at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston


  • 8/23 First official single, All You Need, is released
  • 8/25 First sold out performance occurs at Stone Church
  • 11/8 The band’s alter ego, SOÜP, is introduced publicly


  • 7/30 Nominated for Best New Act by the New England Music Awards


  • 2/28 The first Jamtacular Show takes place including musicians from The Change Up, The Womps, Icculus, Soulation, and more
  • March-June The Slack Tide Trio hosts 10 livestreams, reaching over 5,000 fans
  • 6/20 Start It Over Again’s music video is released, the first live action Slack Tide music video
  • 12/6 Included in Music Connection Magazine’s Top 100


  • 7/31 SEA RAT RED is released, marking the first Slack Tide professional quality studio album
  • 8/18 Nominated for Best Live Act in New England by the New England Music Awards
  • 12/1 Slack Tide’s first front page appearance is seen on Metronome Magazine


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